In therapy, my goal is to work with my clients to create a unique treatment plan that fits their personal values desires to positively change their life. Many of my clients are struggling to navigate a difficult period in their life or looking to explore existential issues of identity and purpose. I believe therapy should be client-centered, emphatic, and focused on building successful skills and strategies to navigate life’s ups and downs.

Therapy requires close collaboration and open communication between the therapist and the client; it is a process that widely varies, from clients who want new strategies and skills for navigating life to others who hope to explore long-held trauma and pain. In our work together, I encourage reflection of relationships, both with friends and family, past and present, to identify core beliefs and values. By encouraging curiosity and self-compassion, I hope to empower my clients because I believe reaching out for help is a sign courage, not weakness. According to Brene Brown, courage is “the willingness to show up and risk being seen, without knowing what will happen.” With courage, comes strength, hope, and authenticity, ultimately a life you can be proud to live.

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